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Shelving and Racking

Steel Shelving 

Bolted Steel Shelving is the most widely used shelving available. It is a bolt together system with each shelf bolted into the angle uprights. Units are free standing, and stabilized using corner plates. Individual shelving units can then be bolted together increasing the stability and rigidity of the row. Higher units can be fixed to walls for added stability. This type of shelving is a cost effective solution for general storage, filing rooms, archives, storerooms, garages, etc.

Office Shelving

Office Shelving comprises solid side panels. The shelves rest on a clip which makes the shelves fully adjustable. Solid back and side panels add support to files, and stability to the unit. These units are free standing, and an ideal solution for storing files, Archive Boxes, Stationery, etc.

Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelving Systems offer high density storage solutions where space is at a premium. By eliminating the need for an aisle between every shelving unit, more floor space can be utilized for storage. This makes this system a very cost-effective solution to your bulk filing and storage requirements.

Adjustable Pallet Racking

Heavy Duty Racking is available in many different sizes and with varying load carrying capacities. Ideal for high volume warehouses, pallet racking is available in heights up to 11m. Different beam lengths are available to maximize your pallet storage, depending on the size and type of pallet in use.

Light Duty Racking (Long-Span Shelving)

Light Duty Racking Offers long-span shelf space for smaller items. This type of racking is ideal for small parts storage and for stock that need to be hand-picked.

This type of long-span shelving is ideal for Archive Filing Boxes and general storage.

Mezzanine Floors

Steel panels can be fitted on top of our shelving and racking units to create a mezzanine floor. This floor is both strong, and sturdy, and can be used support additional shelving and racking, or used for more bulky items.

Steele Storage Systems supplies an extensive range of Shelving, Racking, and Mobile Shelving Systems. Our products are ideally suited to offer storage solutions to your office, storeroom, warehouse, garage, library, kitchen, etc.

Established in 1985, Steele Storage Systems is able to provide expert knowledge and products, and draws on experience in the shelving and racking industry going back to 1965. Steele Storage Systems remains a smaller, family owned and run business, offering storage solutions to all types of industry as well as supplying shelving for private use.

Although we remain a smaller company, we have many shelving and racking installations under our belt. We are able to offer personal, expert knowledge and advice to your storage needs. We have completed shelving, mobile shelving and racking installations for many blue chip companies throughout Southern Africa, including Barlows and Anglo American. We have also completed many installations for some of the major universities and hospitals in South Africa. Our Archive filing solutions are used by some of the major accounting firms in South Africa.

Steele Storage Systems supplies a wide variety of shelving and racking for almost any requirement. We also offer galvanised shelving, prefered in a kitchen environment. Our shelving and racking is powder coated offering resistance to scratches and wear and tear.

Situated in Cape Town, we are able to supply and install storage systems throughout the Western Cape. We also deliver to Johannesburg, and other centres in South Africa.

We provide a Computer Aided Design (CAD) design service for proposed installations. Please contact us, for a free, no-obligations quote on 021 788 5459, or email:

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