Light Duty Racking (Long-Span Shelving)

Light Duty Racking

This type of racking / long span shelving is ideal for small parts storage and for stock that need to be hand-picked.

This type of long-span shelving is ideal for Archive Filing Boxes and general storage.

Light duty racking is available in heights from 900mm to 3m, and in depths ranging from 300mm to 1200mm.

The Beam lengths available range from 900mm to 2700mm, with distributed load carrying capacities up to 800Kgs/tier.

Timber or steel decks are available for this type of racking. The most popular and cost effective option is timber decks, which are availble in closed or open slats. Closed Slatted decks are joined together with tongue-in-groove joins, distributing the load across multiple decks, allowing for larger load carrying capacities.

Display Racking

Medium Duty Display Racking

By changing the angles of the decks, we are able to provide a long span shelf ideally suited to the access and display of more bulky item, such as fabric rolls and carpets.

Shutter Ply or Chipboard decks can be used providing a smooth finish.

Work Benches / Packing Tables

Work Benches

By using lower units, a very cost effective work bench or packing table can be created.

Shutter-Ply or Chipboard decks can be used to provide a smooth working surface.

Light weight and easily movable, these units have become very popular in the warehouse and storeroom space.

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