Mobile Bulk Filing Systems

Mobile Shelving System

Our Mobile Bulk Filing Systems offer high density storage solutions where space is at a premium.

By eliminating the need for an aisle between every shelving unit, more floor space can be utilised for storage. This makes this system a very cost-effective solution to your filing and storage requirements.

The shelving units move on a levelled rail. This ensures that the units are easily moveable.

Mobile Shelving

Our units can also be clad with decorative melamine panels, designed to best match your existing office décor. Pull-out Cradles are also available, making the storage of hanging files more efficient than conventional filing cabinets. Other options available include pull-out trays and drawers. Wire Racks can be fitted to the standard shelves to offer file support, and the storage of softer files.

A locking device can be fitted to the units, increasing the safe storage of your more confidential documents. Minimal gaps between units help prevent dust entering, and damaging your archive files.

Wire RacksHigh Density Archive Storage

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