Warehouse Racking

Pallet Racking

Adjustable warehouse racking is available in a wide range of sizes ideally suited for the storage of various pallet sizes. With a wide range of load carrying capacities, this type of racking is ideal for any warehouse, and storage requirement.

The right type of layout can allow access to all your pallets, allowing for first-in first-out access.

This type of racking is one of South Africa's most popular and widely used racking systems, allowing for expansion and the addition of components at a later stage.

This type of racking normally has Blue / Green Frames with Orange beams, making the beams more easily identified by a forklift driver.

The Frames are usually fixed to the floor. For high back-to-back units the frames are joined together, further stabilising the structure.




Warehouse Racking with Timber Decks

Manufactured from high quality steel, we can design your racking installation to the specifications and load requirements required for your products.

Timber or steel decks are available for this type of racking. The most popular and cost effective option is timber decks, which are availble in closed or open slats. Closed Slatted decks are joined together with tongue-in-groove joins, distributing the load across multiple decks, allowing for larger load carrying capacities.

Warehouse Racking
Warehouse pallet racking is available in a wide range of sizes.

Racking heights are available from 1524mm to 11m high and in depths from 610mm to 1219mm. A wide range of beam lengths are also available.

Using the various size and load carrying combinations available, we will be able to offer a solution to your specific requirements. 

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