Steel Shelving

Steel Shelving

Bolt together steel shelving offers a budget solution for the storage of various products. Ideal for storing files, stationery and small parts.

This type of shelving solution is the most common type in use and is available in a powder coated or a pre-galvanised finish. It is available in various sizes, offering numerous combinations to provide storage solutions for all environments.

Our Bolt together shelving system does not require cross braces and instead uses corner gussets. This allows more access across the units. The corner gussets make the bays sturdier. The shelves and uprights are made from high quality steel, and capable of carrying distributed loads up to 160Kg per shelf (depending on the size of the shelf).

The shelving units can also be fitted with solid backs and sides.

This is a cost effective solution for the storage of archive boxes, files, or any other industrial or commercial requirement.

While some suppliers may use thinner guage steel to cut costs, our uprights are still manufactured from 1.6mm material and the shelves from 0.8mm steel as standard, increasing the load carrying capacity of the shelves.

Bolted Shelving is the ideal solution for day-to-day use. With various hole positions, the space between the shelves can be adjusted, either fitting more shelves into each unit or allowing a bigger gap for larger items.

If you would like further adjustability, clips can be used instead of bolts and nuts, making the shelves fully adjustable after installation.

                 Row of steel shelving
We have many sizes available, most of which are kept in stock in our Cape Town warehouse in Muizenberg. Common stock sizes are:

Unit Heights: 1829mm, 2134mm, 2438mm, 2743mm, 3048mm

Shelf Depths: 305mm, 381mm, 457mm, 610mm

All Units are 920mm wide.

Unit with Solid Back and Sides

Shelving units are available with solid back and side panels, shelf dividers, and tool trays.

These Units are ideal for your industrial storage requirements, and are strong enough to support a mezzanine floor.Mezzanine floor supported by steel shelving

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