Second Hand Shelving and Racking

Should I buy second hand Shelving and Racking?

The price of new shelving and racking has increased considerably over the past couple of years, making second hand shelving and racking costs very advantageous. You may think that you are saving your business money by buying second hand shelving and racking, but it could end up costing you more money in the long run.

Racking Frame and Connector

While new shelving and racking from a reputable supplier can last a lifetime, shelving and racking used in certain environments may become defective. This is particularly true where corrosive chemicals are being stored, or moisture is present. This is particularly true if the racking has been used outside.

Powder coating creates a strong, scratch resistant surface on the shelving and racking components. Rust can, however, occur inside the beams, where the metal has not been powder coated. This invisible rust will weaken the beams and can lead to a catastrophic failure of the racking.

Shelving and racking which has rusted might be over-painted by unscrupulous re-sellers. Some re-sellers have been known to even sell second hand racking and shelving as new!

The price of fitting out a new warehouse can put a serious dent in the cash flow of a business. New business owners try and reduce expenses by purchasing second hand racking.

Issues with the purchase of second hand racking:

  • Racking from different suppliers – this racking is quite often not compatible with each other and may need to be modified to fit
  • The racking sold by the supplier is what the supplier has in stock and not the racking best suited to the needs of the customer. The sizes may not be ideal or, more importantly, the load carrying capacity of the racking is not sufficient for the intended purpose.
  • Space may be wasted by using beams the incorrect size for your storage requirements. This may make the purchase of second hand racking more expensive in the long run.
  • New racking is manufactured according to stringent standards, so that the load carrying capacity can be validated. Used racking may not conform to these requirements.

Second hand racking has been exposed to wear and tear: The welds between beams and connectors are stressed every time a heavy load is placed on, or lifted off a beam. Beams that are overloaded may end up with a permanent bend in the steel.

Although there are many disadvantages to buying second hand racking and shelving, there are also some reasons to buy second hand: You may have racking from a supplier who no longer makes the same type of racking or may no longer be in business. You may need to match up components with your existing racking. The only place to get this racking would be on the second hand market. The price, too, is a major factor making second hand shelving and racking worthwhile.

Steele Storage Systems as a supplier

Steele Storage Systems supplies mainly new shelving and racking. We do occasionally come across second hand racking and shelving, which we do re-sell. We will only do this if the specification matches the need of our client and we are happy with the safety of the shelving and racking

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding second hand shelving and racking. We may also be able to supply new shelving and racking at a small premium to the price you may pay for used!