Bulk Filing Systems – Mobile Shelving

Bulk Filers
Bulk Filing Systems – Mobile Shelving

Bulk Filing Systems and Mobile Shelving are an economic and practical solution for high density storage needs in small space areas. Shelving units move on a levelled rail, making the units easily to move and the files easily accessible.

Bulk Filers save on space by minimizing the aisles needed – only one aisle is required for many units. This optimizes costs and compacts your storage area.

The shelving bays can have standard steel shelves for the storage of lever arch files, archive boxes, or lateral filing folders. Support rails can also be fitted to the units for hanging files.

Shelving units can also be clad with decorative
melamine panels, designed to best match your existing office d├ęcor.

Chain Driven Bulk Filer

Units are available in single, double, triple, or quad widths. Larger units are chain driven, allowing effortless access to your files. Larger units also offer better space saving solutions, making the system a cost effective saving on your available floor space.

Mobile Storage Systems can be many bays wide. The tracks can either be set in a timber platform or can be set into a new building before the the floor screed is poured. The track will then neatly form part of the perfectly levelled floor. As the tracks are dumpy levelled, the units can be moved with minimum effort, even when pushing a few rows at a time. Should it be required, a chain driven system can be used to ease the force required to push the units.

Large Mobile Filing Installation
Mobile Shelving System built into Floor