Steel Shelving

Steel Shelving
Steel Shelving

Angle Uprights or Bolted Steel Shelving is the most widely used and common storage system available. Mainly because it offers an economical and durable solution to your storage requirements. This type of shelving is a bolt together system that can be self-assembled. We also offer an installation service operating from our Cape Town facility in Muizenberg.

The shelves and uprights are made from high quality steel. Our uprights are manufactured from 1.6mm material and our shelves from 0.8mm steel. This material can carry distributed loads up to 160Kg per shelf (depending on the size of the shelf). Units are available in a scratch resistant powder coated, or a pre-galvanised finish.

Standard bays of steel shelving have open sides and backs. When units are joined together longer items can stretch across the shelves, although you are restricted by the upright posts on the front of the units. This also applies to units joined back-to-back.

The shelving units are braced using corner gussets. This is preferable to the older system of cross bracing, as cross braces are more expensive and block the opening between shelving units which can be utilised for the storage of longer items.

Pre-Galvanised Shelving
Pre-Galvanised Shelving
Shelving Components

Shelving units can also be fitted with solid back and side panels. This creates a separation between units. It also acts as a support for items such as files, to prevent them falling off the side of the shelf.

Shelves can be fitted with metal dividers to create pigeon holes. Shelf dividers are available in a variety of standard sizes. The dividers also fit into holes punched every 50mm on the shelves, allowing for different sized pigeon holes to be created.

Plastic bins can also be stored on the shelves. Besides offering support to the plastic or cardboard bins, the shelving unit also offers protection from dust and damage to the items in the storage bins.

Steele Storage Systems is based in Cape Town and offers a variety of different shelving sizes, to accommodate most small parts or file storage requirements. Bolted shelving units are available in the following sizes:




Shelves can be bolted into any of the many holes in the upright posts. This means that you can adjust the space between the shelves. You can also decide on how many shelves to have in each unit, depending on your requirements.

The various sizes and combinations are available from the drop down menus when you request quote.

For more bulkier or heavier items, our light duty racking may provide the ideal solution.