Light Duty Racking

UL Light Duty Racking

Light Duty Racking provides a long-span shelf space that is ideal for bulkier items, small parts storage or for stock that needs to be hand-picked.

This Mini-Rack system clips together and is therefore easy to dismantle, reconfigure, or add to.

Levels are fully adjustable and the beams themselves, can support loads up to 800 Kg/tier. The units are usually supplied with either timber or steel decks. The racking frames are manufactured from high quality steel, making this system very sturdy and robust.

The Timber Decks are made using 25mm timber and the timber slats are joined using a tongue-in-groove join. This set-up improves the load carrying capacity of the deck.

Steel decks can either be galvanised or powder coated.

Racking Uses:

Light Duty Racking with Steel Decks
Long Span Shelving with Steel Decks

This type of racking is ideally suited for storeroom and warehouse racking. The Timber Decks can be used for bulkier, smaller parts that can be handpicked, whereas the steel decks are great for cold room storage of food and perishable items.

Typical racking usage:

  • Small parts storage
  • Archive Boxes
  • Garages
  • Cold storage
  • Restaurant fridge storage
  • Bulk Food storage
  • Nurseries and hydroponic environments
  • Vets
  • Pet stores
  • Industrial chemicals and materials
  • Tape, video and media storage
  • Offsite storage
  • Shop storeroom

Available rack sizes:

HeightDepthBeam Length
UL Light Duty Racking Sizes

The most popular size for storerooms or garages is 1800mm high x 600mm deep, with 3 tiers, with beams 2100mm long. If you would like to order a unit this size online please order here

For storage of smaller parts, our industrial shelving may be ideal.

If you need to store heavier items or pallets, warehouse pallet racking will be the better solution.