Warehouse Pallet Racking

Heavy Duty Warehouse Racking is ideal for Pallet Storage

Heavy Duty Warehouse Pallet Racking is the most common and widely used racking system in South Africa and
is ideally suited to the storage of pallets. This type of pallet racking is adjustable and available in many different
configurations, for various load carrying capacities. The racking clips together, such that it can be installed in
different configurations and made easily transferable if moving premises.

It is ideal for pallet storage because it allows forklift access for all your pallets on various levels. Timber or steel
decks can also be mounted onto smaller units, making the heavy-duty shelving unit ideal for workshops and
storage of heavier items.

Manufactured from high quality steel, this type of racking normally has Blue or Green Frames. The beams are
painted orange, and so easily identifiable by a forklift driver. Timber or Steel decks are available for this type of racking. The timber decks also help distribute the load where 4-way pallets are used. Warehouse Racking is
available in a scratch resistant, powder coated finish.

For lighter duty storage in storerooms and warehouses, our light duty racking may offer the ideal solution.